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Bodybuilding is tough, no doubt. Having to go through those strenuous lifting, running, and all other fitness routines are no child’s play. But the good thing is if you keep at it, the results are usually worth all the effort.

Now, while you have to put it in the effort to get the result, you do not always have to do it all by yourself. Of course, you could do all your heavy lifting and exercises together with friends or family. But that’s not what we mean by not doing it all by yourself.

You can enhance your performance while you involve yourself in these activities. You can go longer than you currently do. At this point, if your mind has gone to steroids, bring it back. We are not talking about steroids.

Apart from the fact that anabolic steroids are illegal almost everywhere, the adverse effects that come with using them can be very terrible, and we do not want that for you.

One alternative that is devoid of the compelling cons of anabolic steroids is nitric oxide, which is what NO2-MAX enhances in your body.

While involved in any fitness activity, the most important physiological factor is your blood flow and oxygen consumption. The higher your blood flow, the more oxygen your body gets. The more oxygen your body gets, the longer you can go, and the easier your routine becomes.

This is what a nitric oxide enhancer can do for you, and this is why we shall review NO2-MAX in this article.


NO2-MAX is a scientifically researched formula designed to improve strength, endurance, endurance, and speed of recovery that can be used by both men and women.

It is mainly used as a pre-workout dietary supplement because the explosion of energy it causes is especially useful during physical efforts and weight training exercises.

Manufactured by Wolfson Berf Limited, headquartered in Cyprus, this product is one of the few successful products from this manufacturer.

Rather than making you swallow an avalanche of ingredients, this product contains only what your body really needs before a tough workout.

Of the other candidates in this field, most use refined chemicals and creatine monohydrate to create a burst of energy, which works very well in the majority of cases, but is far from the ideal solution.

This is where Crazy Bulk's NO2-MAX excels, delivering the precise minerals and fatty acids needed for vasodilation, energy explosion, and muscle development.

In addition, the minerals in this dietary supplement will help you recover faster between each phase of the workout, giving you more time to exercise by reducing the need for rest between each exercise.


NO2-MAX is primarily designed for energy, strength, endurance, rapid recovery and improved performance. By boosting your natural nitric oxide levels, this supplement helps improve blood flow and oxygen circulation during workouts.

As you know, nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator, which means it can help relax and widen blood vessels. This allows for increased blood flow and oxygen transport to your muscles.

Rapid delivery of oxygen and other essential nutrients to working muscles results in rapid increases in strength and endurance, while delaying fatigue. With NO2-MAX , you will be able to push your limits during your training sessions.

On the other hand, the supply of oxygen and glucose to your tired and hungry muscles will allow you to recover quickly and with increased blood in your muscle fibers. This will result in stunning and longer lasting performance.

No2-Max Ireland


Are There Any Side Effcets ?

Crazy Bulk, NO2-MAX manufacturer, guarantees that it is a safe natural supplement and is completely legal to consume. That being said, too much nitric oxide could result in a drop in blood pressure, which can cause the following side effects:

● Dizziness and headaches
● Nausea and vomiting
● Weakness or fatigue
● Occasional diarrhea

These symptoms aren’t always present and may depend on your diet and daily routine. Most consumers have reported seeing the best results when taking NO2-MAX on a full stomach, so you’re better off taking your pill after you’ve had a meal.

However, people react differently depending on their lifestyle, so it’s better to choose whatever works best for you. If you aren’t sure about whether or not you should take this supplement, be sure to consult with your physician first.

How to Take NO2 MAX ?

Using NO2-MAX is fairly straightforward. Each bottle contains 60 tablets, meant for consumption over the span of a month. At least 20 minutes before your workout session, simply take 2 capsules with water. Consume the pills on a daily basis, even on days that you aren’t working out.

We advise not taking more than 2 pills per day. If you’re below the age of 18, consult with your doctor or physical therapist before consuming this supplement. In order to see results, consume the supplement for at least two months. Pair your routine with a healthy diet for the best results.


Calcium is taught to use as children to help with bone strength and growth. However, it also has its benefits when it comes to weight loss.

With a healthy diet and an exercise routine, calcium helps your body burn off fat quicker, and thus making your muscles have more blood flow.

Blood flow to your muscles is important when you are trying to build them, as it gives you more stamina and provides more nutrients for the muscles to have the ability to grow larger. It also increases your overall energy, so you will not feel sluggish during or after your workout.

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate has been proven to increase the blood flow in the muscles. It also increases the NO2 that is going to your muscles.

NO2 is important for muscle growth; it promotes fat loss and allows for your muscles to be strong and to continue growing.

The promotion of blood flow is also important for protein synthesis. Without protein synthesis (the breakdown of proteins), you will not be able to grow or strengthen your muscles.

Microcrystalline cellulose has been proven to increase strength and energy. It helps you work out for longer and ensure that you are not exhausted before your workout is over.

Crospovidone is an inactive ingredient found in most pharmaceutical drugs and is used as a booster for your product to be absorbed faster. This way, you will receive benefits faster than without the use of crospovidone.

Stearic acid has been proven to aid in fat loss and lean muscle gain. It has also shown to prevent cancer.

Vegetable stearate is a form of stearic acid. It is used as a binding agent, but since it is a variant of stearic acid, it also aids in fat loss and the gain of lean muscle. It is used in many foods as well as pharmaceutical medicines.

Silica is used as an anticaking agent and to help the product be more soluble in your body. However, it is also a key element in our body, including muscles, the liver, kidneys.

Our bodies will often weaken our internal organs when working out, depleting them of water, nutrients, and oxygen. Silica will help rejuvenate our organs so we can continue working out and gain muscle mass.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is found in many foods. It is used in NO2-MAX to prevent weight gain and to stop fat production around the liver, which can cause health issues.

With a healthy diet and exercise routine, you will be able to see your fat work off faster and see your muscles grow bigger.

Propylene glycol is used in many foods as an anti-freeze ingredient and in pharmaceutical drugs to help the liver. When working out, your body produces lactic acid.

Propylene glycol aids the liver in producing lactic acid, so you will experience less cramps and have more stamina during your workout.

However, propylene glycol has also shown to promote kidney failure if you ingest more than the recommended dose from the World Health Organization and can have effects similar to those of intoxication. It is important to never take more than the recommended dose.

Triacetin has been known to aid in cell growth. It means that it can help your muscle mass growth. It has not been proven to be toxic to any animal nor humans.

However, it has shown signs of aiding in the growth of noncancerous cells. It only happens in mass amounts, which is not found in NO2-MAX.


Like any food supplement, the virtues of NO2-MAX are numerous. On the net, there are those who ask what a pre-workout is for. In this section, we will reveal all the benefits of this product.

1. Standardized manufacturing: Consisting mainly of natural products , its composition complies with the standards in force. Sold around the world, the NO2-MAX underwent laboratory tests before being marketed.

2. Increases muscle mass: The first results should appear after the 4th week. By taking a before and after photo, you will see the difference.

3. Gives endurance: Acting as a booster, the NO2-MAX will allow you to push your limits. Thanks to its formula, it will eliminate fat in no time.

4. Improves muscle recovery: This Pre-workout will reduce the fatigue caused by the exercises. To obtain good results, it is important to respect the recovery time. When you wake up, you will not risk feeling pain or even cramps. Your muscles will recover faster than expected.

5. No injection: Unlike steroids, these pills will be taken orally and not given with the help of an injection. Therefore, no prescription will be necessary. You just need to buy them online and then wait for the delivery.

6. Long-term action: The NO2-MAX>will act in the medium and long term.



● It dilates the blood vessels, and this allows more blood to flow to the muscles and other body parts.
● It helps to reduce recovery time
● It reduces fatigue
● It has been on the market for a long time now and users have mostly given positive feedback
● It is completely safe and legal
● It comes with a money-back guarantee
● It increases energy levels in the body
● The manufacturer ships the product to all parts of the world
● free wroldwide shipping
● The supplement comes in the form of pills, so you don’t need to use needles.
● You don’t need a prescription to buy the supplement


● It is only available through the manufacturer’s website. People who don’t have the means to pay for products over the internet cannot access this product.
● The supplement is very expensive


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