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After several months of pursuing mass gain , the moment of truth comes. The one where the practitioner will try to lose the accumulated fat mass, without touching the muscles that he has developed hard. This is called the dry . This period is indeed a crucial stage for all those who like to see their muscles well drawn , like bodybuilders.

Complex and demanding, cutting requires a lot of effort, discipline and a good knowledge of oneself. And for a long time, many bodybuilders have used anabolic steroids , which became illegal in the 90s. For the practitioner of today it is obviously no longer a question of injecting these toxic products.

There are indeed many natural alternatives, just as effective and safe . Among them is Anvarol from Crazy Bulk. Developed specifically to help athletes lose fat while supporting muscle development, this product is one of the most widely used in the bodybuilding world. If you don't know it yet, I invite you to read on. In this review you will find everything you need to know about Anvarol .


Crazy Bulk is an American specialist in food supplements for athletes. Among the company's products, there is Anvarol, a supplement intended for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Anvarol is a natural and improved version of Anavar. This is because its ingredients achieve better results than the anabolic steroid And they do not cause any side effects.

Anavar is intended to aid in fat loss and to maintain muscle mass during the cutting phase. Anvarol offers these same effects. Its help also helps to promote mass gain rapid thanks to the synergistic actions of its many active ingredients. This muscle building action is not as evident with Anavar.

Anvarol is recommended for anyone looking for a reliable product to give them a boost in the weight rooms. While most anabolics, natural or chemical, are for men, Anvarol is just as suitable for women. This Crazy Bulk supplement helps them in fitness programs.

Anvarol comes in tablet form. It is no longer a question of the user injecting themselves with products that ultimately cause unwanted effects rather than the desired result. With this product, building muscle becomes a pleasure.


Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is what gives your muscles the energy to contract. However, your muscles only contain the necessary amount of ATP to provide them with the required energy for a few seconds. Your body needs more ATP to facilitate muscle contractions during heavy workouts. In order to create more ATP in the body, you need phosphocreatine, which turns out to be the key to the rapid regeneration of ATP. It also provides the extra energy much needed during training.

Anvarol, the legal alternative to Anavar or Oxandrolone, works by increasing the levels of phosphocreatine in the body, thereby aiding in the rapid creation of ATP and providing you with the energy to push harder and longer in the gym. sport. The strategic use of Anvarol in a dry can help you shed unwanted body fat without any water retention, thus providing a well-defined and well-lean physique.

Anvarol Ireland


Are There Any Side Effcets ?

Anvarol is a supplement made from natural ingredients that is safe for your body. This makes perfect sense, as it has replaced the anavar steroid which has a lot of side effects.

However, if you read the package label carefully, it says that "milk or soy" can develop allergic reactions. So far, users have an overwhelmingly positive opinion of the product and no complaints have been made.

Another criterion that can cause unwanted effects, as with all products, is "non-compliance with the dosage". It is important to take Anvarol as directed without overdoing it.

How to Take Anvarol ?

The recommended daily dosage is 3 capsules of Anvarol which should be taken 15 minutes after an intense workout. For best results, Anvarol should be taken along with a healthy diet and rigorous workout regimen.

The manufacturer, Crazy Bulk, recommends Anvarol be taken for an 8 – 9 week cycle, followed by a 10 day pause period in between. This helps to prevent the body from developing a tolerance to the ingredients.


It is the element that provides energy to the body, which makes it possible to practice longer, without suffering from fatigue. True muscle fuel, ATP promotes an increase in metabolism and nourishes the muscles for increased performance ( source ).

Used to gain mass, Whey protein nourishes the body and provides your body with the necessary inputs, so that it doesn't lack for anything. To fight muscle catabolism, it is a very good ally ( source ).

Like Whey protein, Soy protein will serve as food for the muscles, for constant development, without risk of injury, and to prevent the disappearance of these muscles during periods of dryness ( source ).

BCAA amino acids occupy a key place in the composition of Anvarol, since they allow both to burn a maximum of fat - by transforming the fat stored in your body to make fuel - while promoting the intake of muscles.

In addition, it is an element that improves the synthesis of absorbed proteins, for an increased effectiveness of the other ingredients of Anvarol.

Creatine phosphate is used here as an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) booster, which gives the taker an extra dose of energy, which will not be too much during the cutting phases.

Let's finish with another essential element for those who want to sculpt their body: the root of wild yam, which acts as a fat-burning powerhouse. Yam root promotes the elimination of superfluous fat while maintaining your muscle mass thanks to the action of other components.


1. More energy to continue training: The manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness of this food supplement. Reviews in the forums confirm this. A cure of Anvarol increases your endurance. You will be able to train at the desired pace without tiring yourself. This dietary supplement boosts your metabolism, helping your body to better assimilate nutrients from the food you eat. You will have energy to spare to continue building consistent muscle mass. The animal and vegetable proteins contained in Anvarol compensate your needs, in the event of reduction of your food ration.

2. Avoid Catabolism: This word is mentioned often in user reviews. With unsuitable food or poor digestion, you risk drawing your energy from your muscles. So if you are not careful, these can melt and you will start from scratch each time. It is important to maintain the muscle mass obtained with the efforts you put in, with each workout. Anvarol helps you with this. By burning excess fat, you keep lean muscles, which won't get lost easily. The process continues as you take the pills correctly, and keeping pace with your exercise.

3. Refine the silhouette: By keeping only lean muscles, you will have a well-defined and fat-free silhouette. Your muscles are of good quality because they are well formed and will be able to grow as you work out. In addition, you will be in great shape, rid of bad fats.



● Best for cutting phases.
● High-quality ingredients.
● Transparent label.
● No needles.
● Boosts energy levels.
● Free worldwide shipping.
● Suitable for men and women.
● No reported side effects.
● Burns fat while preserving lean muscle mass.


● No money-back guarantee.
● Not suitable for those with soy allergies and lactose intolerance.
● Only available on the official website.


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